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Upload and manage feeding

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To create a food, feed or ration to be assigned individually to animals, groups or stables, just click on the button  on the left sidebar:

Click on Ingredients: click on “Add new ingredient” and fill in the mandatory fields, such as the name of the ingredient, quantity, unit of measurement, cost, raw protein, fats, etc. Then click on “Save ingredient” to register your data.

Click on Feed: feed is defined as any animal food already mixed and processed by a feed company and commonly sold in bags or in bulk. Click on “Add new feed” and fill in the mandatory fields. At the end click on “Save feed” to register your data.

To create a ration to assign to your animals, click on Rations: then on “Add new ration” and fill in the mandatory fields. Here you have the opportunity to create your special ration by mixing food and feed. Click on “Select food“, fill in the mandatory fields and then simply “Add“; same thing for rations. At the end, click on “Save Ration” and here is your personalized ration.


You can record the nutritional data of each animal, group or stable: just access the Feeding section within the animal profile (or after selecting the group or stable) and fill in the required data.

To assign a diet to the animal (or group or stable) just to choose among foods, feeds or rations that have previously been entered in the system.

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