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Taking pictures of your animals

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If you have not uploaded any animals in Farm Management App yet: 

Before starting taking pictures of your animals, you need to create their profile on the Farm Management App. Click on the   icon on the top left of the screen to access the empty list. Click on the Add animals  button on the bottom right. Select the Farm and then add all the animal’s information (Animal ID, sex, species, date of birth etc.). Now you will be able to select this animal in the list. Select SNAP to start taking pictures. 

If you already have a list of animals in the Farm Management App: 

Click on the   icon on the top left and choose the animal you are going to photograph on the list. If the animal is not on the list yet, add it by clicking on the icon. 

Select SNAP and start taking your pictures. 

Take pictures of your animals: 

Before starting, always double check that you are on the right animal’s profile. The Animal ID is shown on the top of the screen. 

We suggest taking at least 8 pictures for each side and for the front of the animal. Select on the menu below the side you are photographing. You can change the camera settings by clicking on the   on the top right. 

From the main camera screen, you have access to different features like the flash, the HDR, or video. 

If you are just starting to photograph your animals, check out these suggestions on how to take good pictures of your animals.

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