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If you are looking for a way to transport your animals, you can either search within the list of transportation offers or create your ad for a transportation request that will be visible to all suitable transporters. 

Find transport offers

Search for an ad by entering the desidered arrival date or interval. Select the species of the animals you wish to move in the drop-down menu. Choose the departure location and the arrival place, you can also add a tolerance between 10km and 200km. 

Click on  and a list of all suitable transport offers will appear. If nothing comes up, try broadening the interval or the kilometers of your request. 

Create a transport request 

Create the ad by entering the precise data of the transport request:

  • transport type
  • species
  • number of animals
  • sex of the animals
  • weight 
  • location of departure and arrival
  • date and frequency

Click on to publish your ad. 

Regardless of the method chosen for the creation of the ad, we will process the request and send it only to carriers who are in the designated area and have the right type of vehicle. 

If you wish to enable an ad, click on and then on

In the Manage my transport requests section you will have access to all the ads you have published and you can modify them by clicking on each item.

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