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Offline use troubleshooting

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Data synchronization failed

You can upload and save your data even without internet connection. However, to use all the functions of the suite, make sure to synchronize your data regularly. Here is how you can do it:

Connect the device to an active internet connection, preferably WiFi, in case you also need to synchronize photos of your animals; then click on the symbol

Saving data failed

Reasons for synch data failing are: 

  • The Farm Management app is in offline mode;
  • The free memory space in the device is not enough (we recommend keeping at least one 1GB free)
  • The format of the imported files is not correct (jpg and png for photos; excel and csv for loading a list of animals)
  • You may have reached the limit of animals or data foreseen in your plan
  • Your account hasn’t been offline for too long

Data deleted unexpectedly

  • If the data acquired offline was lost, the reasons could be the following:
  • You recently uninstalled the app (this operation removes the data that has not been synchronized) and then you downloaded a new version from the Store.
  • Your account has been OFFLINE for too long.
  • Your version of the app needs to be updated.
  • Your SD card is damaged or out of place.
  • The data has been removed by another member of your staff (for more information see the multi-user system article).

Export data not executable

To download the data of your animals to your device (PC, smartphone and tablet) make sure that:

  • The device is connected to the internet
  • The animals whose data you want to export have been correctly selected
  • The email address with which you registered with Farm4Trade is still active and the account is still valid

Why should I go online?

We recommend  to connect the app periodically online for the following reasons:

  • To safely save your data in your account; by regularly synchronizing, none of your data will be lost even if the phone is broken or lost
  • To keep you updated with the latest news
  • To get hints and statistics from the system
  • To communicate with your staff
  • To work on the offline acquired data also on the web version of the app

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