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Multi-users system

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The multi-user system is designed to optimize the company’s management, thanks to the sharing of resources and the allocations of tasks and functions to each collaborator.

To invite new users to join your company, click on Manage Staff in your Organization Profile. Click on and add the email address of the person you want to send the invite to andchoose the role that you want to assign to them for each of your apps. The person you have invited will receive an access link via email.

You can assign the following roles:

  • Manager: is the person responsible for the operational management, in the absence of the owner. The owner can authorize access to certain activities.
  • Operator: is a person with only an operational role. He is authorized to edit only the data entered by him. He has access only to the basic information and statistics, unless otherwise stated by the owner.
  • Viewer: is a person authorized to view data and the information shared with him, but he is not enable to edit them.

The benefits of using a multi-user system are huge, in addition to a clear and accurate subdivision of the roles, farmers can assign tasks and duties to each user registered as a member of the farm from the calendar.

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