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How to use the dynamic list

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The list of registered animals is organized in the form of a tab, each row contains the main information of each individual animal. The header of the tab allows you to organize each column in alphabetical order.

You can use the  or  option, both of which are located under the 3 buttons to add animals.

To close the Search and Filter sections just click on the respective icons.

To make changes on the individual animal, click on the icons on the last column of the animal:

  • Edit : allows access to the animal’s profile;
  • Move : allows you to quickly move the animal from one group to another, or from one stable to another;
  • Download : allows you to download all the data associated with the animal;
  • Delete : allows you to delete an animal from the system.

If you want to make changes to a group of animals, simply select them one by one from the square on the second column of each animal; to select all of them instead just tick the square placed in the header of the tab.

Once 2 or more animals have been selected, the action buttons will appear at the top left:

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