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How to use the calendar

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The calendar allows you to plan and record all of your activities.

First of all, thanks to the notification system, you will be promptly advised of all the planned actions that need to be repeated such as medical treatments and vaccines.

You also have the possibility, if you are a PRO user and you have added other users to your farm, to assign tasks and to keep an eye on their progress.

The calendar, also has an agenda where you can write down all the activities you want, with the possibility of highlighting those with the highest priority.

To access the calendar, click on the icon. Click on to enter a new event or reminder in the calendar. You can also choose the frequency or add a reminder. 

The reminders will show up as red dots in the calendar. 

If you are using the Android app, different colors will indicate the type of event scheduled. 

Yellow: General Event 

Blue: Weighings

Orange: Vaccinations

Green: Medical Treatments

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