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General report of animal status and info

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The BI dashboard will automatically report the info you have uploaded in the Farm Management, divided into several widgets.

In a single glance, the dashboard will give you a generic view of the current status of the animals on your farm.

  • Animals: the number of animals per species which are registered as On the farmin the Farm Management App.
  • Age: the number of animals per age, from 0 to 24 months and above  
  • Sex: number of animals per sex  
  • Status: number of animals per status (excluded animals that have the On the farm status)  
  • Under medical treatment: number of animals that have an ongoing medical treatment. Vaccinations are not included in this chart.   
  • Females per breed: number of females per breed. This data will only appear if one species is selected and will show all females, regardless of their status.

If you notice that some of the information is missing in your dashboard, read here.

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