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Our Feed Formula App is an innovative app that will help you formulate animal nutrition rations in a few clicks, while also keeping an eye on your costs. 

You will have access to a verified library of ingredients, nutritional requirements and rations based on species and production purposes.

Formulating a ration is really easy, you simply need to follow 3 steps:

  • Define the animal parameters including production purposes and target production level 
  • Confirm the proposed nutritional requirements or enter custom values.
  • Choose 3-5 desired verified ingredients and click Generate

Analyse and choose the best match among 3 to 5 formulations proposed by the system and decide if you are ok with the nutritional requirements and final costs.

Of course you can add some extra ingredients, change ingredients, change the maximum amount allowed for each of them, change the final cost of the formulation and re-calculate them.

Click here to download the complete App Guide

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