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The new Farm4Trade Suite

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The new Farm4Trade Suite allows you to manage all the aspects of your farm by using all of Farm4Trade apps from one access point.  

Login to your account, and access the Main Dashboard to manage your account settings.  

Read this article to learn how to manage your account information such as addresses and organizations.

To switch between the applications available to your account, click on the application’s name in the list. Apps that are colored are accessible, while grey apps are not. 

In Notifications, you can see all the pending invitations you have received and other reminders. Read this to find out more about the Multi-user system. 

Click on Farm Management to start loading your animals’ information. Farm Management, the heart of our suite, is designed to acquire and manage your animals’ data. 

You can keep track of all information regarding the history, health status, and reproduction of your animals. 

A complete tool that covers all the essential aspects of raising cattle and all other species: from health and safety to real-time monitoring and management of individual animals. Farm Management is designed to help make your business safer, more productive, and more sustainable.  

Click here to download the complete App Guide or Watch the Video Tutorial 

Business Intelligence App is an integrated system for data analysis that gathers information from your Farm Management. 

From the customized dashboard you will see at a glance all of your animals’ statistics regarding reproduction, nutrition, costs, medical treatments, and much more. 

For example, you can check in a few clicks how production was last month, how many animals are about to deliver, and what they have been fed with. You can filter your data visualization by multiple criteria and parameters. Analyze your farm performance by farm, species, herd, year, day, and so on. 

Everything will be fully stored in the cloud, but you will be able to access your data offline whenever you want. You can invite your staff or collaborators to see your dashboard and compare in real-time your farm’s performances.  

Feed Formula App is an innovative app that will help you formulate animal nutrition rations in a few clicks, while also keeping an eye on your costs.  

You will have access to a verified library of ingredients, nutritional requirements, and rations based on species and production purposes. Learn how to create a ration and add an ingredient 

Disclaimer: Users who created own formula do so at their user’s own risk  

This app is not intended to replace professional animal nutritionists. It is always advisable to consult a nutritionist for a balanced diet. Existing verified rations by Farm4Trade, have been acquired by reliable sources and proven safe if applied accurately. The Database currently available refers to Namibia and South Africa only. 

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