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Creating a free account

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To create a FREE account go to, click on click on “Sign Up” and enter the following information:  

  • username
  • email
  • password

The password must contain at least eight characters with a symbol, a capital letter, a lowercase letter, and a number included.  

After filling in the registration form, you will receive an email to confirm your email address. Click on the link provided. If you didn’t receive the confirmation account email, read this article.   

  • Create an account with Facebook

You can also register with Facebook in a few quick steps. 

On the registration page,,  click on the Facebook icon.

Facebook will ask you to login and then to give your authorization to use the Farm4Trade app.

  • Download the mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store

You can download the application from your smartphone and tablet and use it offline wherever you go!

Download the app from the store:

To see if your device is compatible with our apps, read this article

  • Can I use my account on more than one device simultaneously? 

You can use Farm Management, with the same account, only on one device at a time. If you start using the App on another device, you will be automatically logged off from the other device. 

Remember: if you have used your account on a mobile device and log in later on another device or your laptop, you need to synchronize your data. Click on the Sync icon on the top left of your screen on the mobile app. The data will automatically upload and will appear on your screen. For more information, read this article.

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