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Create a transport offer

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You can offer transport to other farmers, publishing an ad for an empty vehicle or for a partially loaded vehicle. 

Find transport requests

Search for an ad by entering the desidered arrival date or interval. Select the species of the animals you are available to move in the drop-down menu. Choose the departure location and the arrival place, you can also add a tolerance between 10km and 200km. 

Click on and a list of all matching transport requests will appear. If nothing comes up, try broadening the interval or the kilometers of your request. 

Create Transport Offers

In the Create a transport offer section you can offer availability on your vehicle.

By creating the ad for a transportation availability, you will receive the offers related to the geographical area (EU – Extra EU), the range of action and the approval of the vehicle for one or more species.

You can decide to offer all the space available on your vehicle such as the return journey, or part of a section, thus preventing the vehicle from reaching the next loading point without load.

You can also offer only a part of the space available on the vehicle and you will therefore necessarily have to indicate the space available you have left.

Manage Transport Offers

When you have entered one or more transport offers, in the Manage offers section you can view:

Your ads: click on a specific ad to have access to a summary page from which you can:

  • edit or delete your own ad;
  • view breeders’ requests for that particular ad;
  • Select your favorite offers;
  • Contact the breeder. 

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