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Business Intelligence App is an integrated system for data analysis that gathers information from your Farm Management and other Farm4Trade’s apps. 

With Business Intelligence App you can monitor economic and productive trends, assess costs and improve business performance.  

At a glance, from the customized dashboard you will see all important information about your animals such as their sex, nutrition, related costs, medical treatments and much more.

For example, you can check in a few clicks how production was last month, how many animals are about to deliver and what they have been fed with. You can filter your data visualization by multiple layers and parameters. Analyse your farm performance by farm, species, herd, year, day and so on.

Everything will be fully stored in cloud, but you will be able to access your data offline whenever you want. You can invite your staff or collaborators to see your dashboard and confront in real time on your farm’s performances.

REMEMBER: the more data you load in all the Suite’s Apps, the more you will get from the Business Intelligence App.

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