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Add a new animal

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When you log in to the app for the first time, you will find the list of animals empty. Follow these steps if you want to add your animals one at a time:


To add an animal, access the Farm Management homepage and click on Add animal, fill in the data of the Animal profile form by completing it with the mandatory data. The fields indicated with the red asterisk (*) are mandatory. Click on Save to access the next tab.

Android and iOS app:

There are two ways to add a new animal on the mobile app: 

  • Adding it in the Farm Management
  • Using Snap Animal

Android app

Access the app and go to the main screen using the button , click on the button  and select Animals in the tab, located at the top of your screen.

iOS app

Access the application and go to the main screen using the button , click on the button and select Animals in the tab at the bottom of your screen.

After creating a new animal you can upload and manage all other information such as:

  • photo
  • weight
  • milk production
  • vaccines
  • medical treatments
  • pregnancy test
  • inseminations
  • births
  • weaning

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