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Click on to manage your account information. 


Here you can put all the information about your farm. You can update your profile, upload your picture or change your password. 

Select the option Farm or Transporter according to your needs. If you are looking for transportation for your animals select Farm, if you want to offer transportation select Transporter. This will give you access to different sections of the app. You can also select both. 

Transportable Species

This section will appear if you have selected the Transporter option.  You will need to choose the species that you are available to transport. You can choose more than one. 


Upload all the documents required in this section. They will be available to all users that will search for your profile. You can also add a description and translate it in different languages. 

Language settings

You can choose the language you want to use when you login. If you wish to change language, logout and then choose a different language before logging in again. 


Click on to access your chat history with transporters and farmers. You can access the conversation and see the related ad. You can also access the transporter or farmer details by clicking on .

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